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Friday, February 09, 2007

Very Random Bullets...

  • The meeting with faculty from the psychotherapy/counselling department was great. Everyone was incredibly nice and very, very interesting. I was really excited before I went, but left even more so. It also really helped me to finalize my thoughts about the type of psychotherapy I want to specialize in. I now need to get working on my application (especially the personal statement) and chase up my referees. Fingers crossed that I get invited for a formal interview...
  • We're not going to Florence for my birthday anymore. :( Our very old building is in need of some very costly and urgent maintenance work, so we decided that rather than stretch the budget too far, we'd postpone our trip for a while. I actually wrote a long-winded whine about the whole thing to post at Phantom's on Wednesday, which ended with an anti-whine to the effect that 'if postponing a holiday is the worst thing I have to whine about, then really I'm very fortunate'. Haloscan obviously didn't think I should be whining either, as it ate my comment and I was too mad with it to retype it! ;)
  • Even though we're not going away, Mr Cupcake's still taking the whole week off! Yay! Of course, being a corporate lawyer, he's had to work really early and really late for the last few days so that he can actually take time off. Boo!
  • This is one of the reasons I never regret my decision not to become a corporate lawyer. That said, he totally loves what he does. Umm, yeah, I married a guy who gets inappropriately excited about mergers and acquisitions and commercial contracts!
  • That aside, he's fairly normal and (in my humble opinion) very, very wonderful. Did I tell you that he bought me a dual Spanish/English edition of Neruda's 100 Love Sonnets (complete with a bright pink cover!) for our tenth anniversary recently?
  • It's soooooo cold here! I realize that it's probably WAY colder where some of you are, but I'm a weak, feeble southerner and I just can't be doing with this...
  • As a result, I wasn't particularly looking forward to walking to the (not so) local postal delivery office this morning to pick up a parcel that they attempted to deliver a couple of days ago when I was out. I was even more disconcerted when the guy brought out the biggest! parcel! ever! I wasn't sure I'd manage to carry it home, but actually it wasn't that heavy and I was totally spurred on by the label on the side that read 'To be opened on February 17th'...my birthday! :)
  • I went out with two newish girlfriends for an amazing chinese meal last night. The food was very yummy and I feel very lucky to have met both of these friends who are so interesting, smart, caring and generous. I also love that although we have a lot in common, we also have some very different interests and can learn a lot of new things from each another. So, yeah, yummy food with friends...always a good thing.
  • Do you think it's possible that I can think of enough bullets to keep typing endlessly until Mr Cupcake finally gets home (probably not til 9pm)???!! It's just that I want to wait to have dinner with him and I don't want to snack a lot before that, but I'M STARVING and need to distract myself!
  • Of course, having written that, I can't think of another damn bullet and am fixating on what I can eat. Right, off to raid the cupboard...


Blogger Seeking Solace said...

Your new program sounds so exciting!!! Are you going to spill what specialzatoin you plan to pursue or will that jinx the proces?

Cheers to Mr. Cupcake for taking time off! I am sure you both will have lots of fun!! As far as normal, my hubby is an engineer, so some think he is a geek. But, he is really cute. (in my humble opinion, although I once almost got into a fist fight at a wedding becuase this girl was trying to pick him up!)

And, Happy Bleated anniversary and Happy Early Birthday!!!!

11:02 pm  
Anonymous turtlebella said...

Mr. Cupcake, from all I've heard, sounds most lovely! And yeah, happy belated anniversary and also early birthday!

You know, coldness, it's all relative. When I lived in So. California everyone got out their wool sweaters when it went below 50 degrees (F). So although I will claim that yes, it's probably colder here in the frozen northern not-quite-wasteland that I live in, I won't begrudge you being cold! Keep warm, okay?

11:26 pm  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Oy. My apologies on behalf of Haloscan. I do think that not going to Florence is worthy of a prize, but then, I once went to see A Room with a View at the cinema every night for a week.

(Also, how ironic is it than when I tried to post this, I got a Blogger error???)

12:00 am  
Blogger Not so little sister said...

Glad things went so well. And I have some newish girlfriends too. I really enjoy eating good food and having interesting people to talk too. Hope you had a nice weekend!

2:32 pm  
Blogger Jane Dark said...

so sorry to hear about the postponed trip, but I'm glad that the meeting went well!

4:48 pm  

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