A Room with a View

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guest Post - Mr Pink Cupcake

A brief guest post today from Mr Pink Cupcake (now there's an unfortunate name!) to update you on the recent lack of activity on this blog. Basically, PC is without internet access at the moment. I have internet access at work so that's the reason you've got me today instead of PC.

The reason we don't have home internet access is that we finally sold our house in sleepy boring village a week ago!! And, even better, on Monday we finally managed to buy our dream flat in trendy seaside city, six months after making our original offer on it!!

It all came together really quickly in the end and PC didn't have time to leave a message on the blog in the mad rush to pack all our stuff up and put it into storage.

We are now living with PC's mum until 6 March, when we move to our new flat. PC's mum considers an abacus to be modern technology so you won't be surprised to hear that she doesn't have net access. This is sending PC up the wall and she said to say hi to everyone whose blogs she reads - she's missing you all tons. She should be back in circulation when we move.

Well that's enough from me - normal service will be resumed soon.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I look at my blog many, many times a day when I'm using my blogroll to visit the rest of you (yes, I still haven't got around to using bloglines or the like, I really must), and I've been meaning to write a post in over a week. I thought that at least I could get back to my 100 Facts, that wouldn't be too hard, right? But, at the moment anything is too much. It's still because of the medical stuff. I'm seeing more doctors, getting more symptoms and am still no nearer to diagnosis, treatment or even alleviation of symptoms. I'm seeing another specialist this week, so really, really hoping things will make some move for the better very soon. Until then blogging will be, at best, sporadic. There's a whole host of things I want to write about, but I'll just keep a list for now. But, as blog reading is still my favoured distraction (that, and an increasing addiction to the Gilmore Girls), I will urge all the rest of you to do the opposite of me. Keep posting! A girl's got to have something to keep her occupied. :)