A Room with a View

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Musings and Cat Blogging

I just realized that I haven't posted for three weeks. I started and saved lots of posts and I've thought about even more, but I seemingly haven't been able to actually hit the publish button. I think that in itself is quite instructive about how I've been feeling recently and how things are progressing in my life. A lot's been happening and a lot of things are in the really early stages of development, and, to be honest, just thinking about them is pretty draining. My life has changed so much in the past year that it's difficult to get my head around it all (even though almost all of the changes have been massively positive). I want to think about it all because I need to bring some clarity and order to everything and to figure out where to take things from here, but it's hard work and I've been avoiding it for no good reason. I need to stop doing that. Hmmm, I realize that this sounds cryptic, but it's not intentionally so, just that I really can't get my thoughts in shape to make it more specific. So, I'll ramble no longer and simply leave you with a photo of my fluffy houseguest from last week. He may look cute (and indeed he is!) but he's also very demanding...